Official representative of BOGNER for Bulgaria

General Terms

I. The present General Terms define the terms and conditions for use of, hereinafter "Site", and the conditions for e-commerce carried by SITE.
II. Parties to these terms and conditions:
ICELAND BG EOOD, office in Sofia jk Strelbishte, bl.114, ent. A, et. 6, ap. 25, UIC BG202860680, RP Boryana Spassova Tsikandelova official distributor of the brands in SITE, hereinafter SELLER
Any natural or legal person that has expressly agreed to these Terms and use the site to carry out orders to purchase goods, hereinafter referred to as USER.
III. Seller provides the user with a catalog of offers for purchase of goods, the consumer is able to purchase products offered SITE goods on request and payment of the purchase price, in strict compliance by the User of these Terms and Conditions, and further down the relevant requirements of specific goods.
IV. By ticking the box "I have read the Terms and Conditions and agree with them!" And pressing "Confirm" USER make an electronic statement within the meaning of the Electronic Document and Electronic Signature Act, which declares that it is familiar
Changes to Terms
V. (1) These Terms may be changed unilaterally by the Seller.
2. When making changes to the Terms, the Seller undertakes to place it on display at SITE reference (link) in which are available the amended terms and conditions.
3. Changes to the Terms and Conditions shall not affect the relations between the user and seller arising in connection with validly submitted prior to the notification by (2) a request for purchase of goods.
VI. (1) Individual product types are arranged in the form of offers by various indicators, according to customer requirements and the proposed classification in the site.
2. Tenders containing basic information about the products, according to its type and indication of price. Bids accompanied by pictures.
3. Specified price of individual goods is a number.
4. Additional terms of the order and delivery of products are described on the site.
Application for purchase and delivery of goods
VII. (1) An application for the purchase and delivery of goods is done by filling presented on the site application forms for the purchase and delivery of goods.
2. The User is obliged to submit accurate data about the person who will receive the goods and place of delivery.
3. The application automatically describe the type, quantity and the exact final price (including VAT) of the requested goods.
4. Purchase of a product is made by pressing ADD TO CART and subsequently bought in the offer of the goods desired by the user explicitly confirms its request and agreed to terms and conditions posted on the site, check the box marked "read General conditions and I agree with them! "and pressing" Confirm ". This action is volition, which binds under a contract the consumer and seller, respectively described in this document, conditions and rules of the Law on Consumer Protection (LCP). Once booked and confirmed an order from the user, he gets an automatic email confirmation from the SITE that the order is accepted and expected a second email with details of delivery.
5. After receiving the application, the vendor contacts via e-mail with the USER within 24 hours of order confirmation or absence of an item from the application through the second email described in VII (4). Bids in the official non-working days (Saturday, Sunday, holidays) are formed on the first business such after them. Then the deadline for receipt of emails to confirm the availability of desired products, is within 48 hours of the first day.
6. In the period of sale / decrease in items from the online store, the Seller shall send the requested items from a contract if they are available. If the item or number of items have been exhausted quantity SELLER necessarily turns and goes through e-mail with the USER within 48 hours to inform him about the missing items of his order.
7. In the period of sale / discount catalog, database SITE updated to 12.00 the next day and may be submitted misleading information about the availability of specific items and their colors / sizes, to update them.
8. When an order for more than one item, it is possible the processing of the contract to be opened this stock. In this case, the Seller informs the user by email expects a confirmation message back to the available items. In the absence of a response within 24 hours, the order is executed by sending only available items.
9. made a clerical error in tsenorazspisa the goods, SITE reserves the right to cancel orders.
10. Seller strives to meet all the needs of the user, but reserves the right to correct any wrong price or description of the product and to cancel or refuse to execute any order for an item whose price or description was wrong. All these adjustments can be made even after the order is accepted. If any inaccuracy SELLER send an email informs the user. In the absence of a response from USER confirmation of the order, already corrected amount or description, within 24 hours, the order is considered canceled.
11. In the period of reduction USER has no right to refuse an order if there are missing items, which has previously been informed that they are not available due to stocks. Seller sends the order only items in stock at the time of the inquiry.
12. Possible differences in prices and availability of products in stores SITE SELLER.
13. Employees in customer service is likely to require some personal information such as name, order number or phone number to answer any questions. These data are used to may be answered as possible more complete and circumstantial.
14. Upon registration USER obliged to provide information about yourself that is true, accurate and complete. When changing the account data, the user must immediately send an email to:
VIII. The delivery of ordered goods is carried out under the following conditions:
1. The merchandise is delivered to the client address. USER undertakes to provide access and opportunity to receive the goods.
2. ordered by the consumer goods are delivered to 3 (tree) working days / in a period of reduction to 5 (five) working days / for Bulgaria and up to 5 (five) working days / in a period of decline to 7 (seven) working days / for the other Countries of the given address, provided the order is confirmed by the user and the address for delivery indicated accurate and valid.
3. The merchandise is delivered properly packed according to type and to transport for delivery.
4. If the consumer is not found in time for shipment at the address or there is no access and conditions for delivery of the goods within this period, the order is considered canceled and the Seller is released from its obligation to implement the stated delivery.
5. In the event that the USER confirmed its willingness to receive the ordered goods after the deadline for delivery, which was not found at the address he took over at their own expense the cost of additional supply. The costs of the second delivery will be paid upon receipt of the goods, together with the total amount of the contract and the first delivery.
6. If a third party is committed to the adoption and confirmation of receipt of goods ordered on behalf of the original user who made the order, the latter has no right to return the goods or make objections to the delivery.
7. The supply for Bulgaria, Greece, Macedonia, Serbia. Romania and the European part of Turkey, is free. For other countries shipping is done only with a minimum value of goods ordered 1,600 / thousand and six hundred / BGN, in which case delivery is also free.
IX. (1) Users who ordered goods from the SITE has the right to refuse to accept the goods ordered by him when she was delivered only under the following conditions cases:
- If the delivered item does not correspond to the ordered by the user and it can be detected by routine examination of the goods;
- If transporting the goods or their packaging is damaged;
- If the price the consumer must pay does not match the one initially offered SITE;
- If not met the deadline announced for delivery.
2. Returns on the above points are made only at the time of delivery.
X. Apart from the foregoing cases, the consumer has no right to refuse to accept and pay for ordered products. Otherwise he obliged to cover the costs of delivery and return of goods.
XI. In the case of refusal to receive the goods be drawn at the time of delivery. If a user rejects signing of the protocol, it is assumed that his refusal to receive the goods and it is unfounded due to the costs of delivery and return of goods.
XII. After receipt and payment of goods, the user can make a claim and request its return and refund of its price in the following cases:
1. If the product has a significant deficiency or discrepancy that could not be detected by routine examination of the goods;
2. If use goods have a material defect which makes it unfit for its purpose;
3. Without giving any reason for returning the product if it is in its original form, packaging and quality.
XIII. Returns are accepted as follows:
1. In point (1) and (2) XII: within 24 hours of receipt of the goods.
2. In point (3) XII: the Law on Consumer Protection, Article 55, the consumer has the right, without compensation or penalty and without giving any reason to abandon the purchased goods within 14 / fourteen / working days from the date of receipt of goods.
Seller will reimburse the consumer in full amount paid by him, not later than 14 / fourteen / days from the date on which the consumer has pursued declined by bank transfer or courier whose expenses are borne by the consumer.
XIV. (1) Upon returning the item for replacement or refund, the User is obliged to send with this product the following documents:
receipt, a copy of the invoice, completed with the following fields:
- Refund: product who wishes to return, reason for return, IBAN account number;
- Replacement of size or other item, indicating the ID name of the item, size and color you want.
2. In the absence of any of the above documents, the Seller reserves the right to refuse a refund and / or exchange.
3. Return items are carried only by courier, at the option and expense of the consumer.
4. The transport costs for the return of the purchase are borne by the consumer.
To be returned to a product, it must be in an excellent presentation:
- The product is not used;
- The packaging is preserved;
- Is reserved receipt and invoice.
XV. If there is a discrepancy between ordered and delivered goods, which could not be established at the time of delivery, the goods are replaced after the user's query and view made to establish the inconsistency.
XVI. If desired by the user to replace the purchased item from the site size or other goods, it is sent back by courier at: 1000 Sofia, Vitosha Str. 80, ground floor, at the expense of the USER only provided that the product is not used, the packaging and its cash memo reserved. The superseded amount of purchased item / s, respectively, is sent back to the user at the address for delivery at the expense of the SITE.
XVII. When registered five refusal to accept a request from the user profile address or name, Seller reserves the right to refuse execution of a subsequent order.
XVIII. When returning an item purchased from the site required the user to adhere to these terms and conditions XII (3). Seller refused to accept consignments sent for refund.
XIX. The payment of the ordered goods is done in the following ways:
1. Cash on delivery - only for Bulgaria: The payment of your chosen product becomes at the time of delivery and the respective amount is transferred to the courier.
2. card: Payment is made by credit / debit card through the electronic payment system EPAY, ATM or cash at the offices of EPAY.
XX. SELLER shall not disclose any personal information about the user and does not provide the collected information to third parties - state authorities, companies, individuals and others, unless:
1. the explicit consent of the user registration site or at a later time.
2. The information is required by state organs or officials, according to current legislation are entitled to demand and collect such information in accordance with the statutory procedures;
3. In other cases stipulated by law.
XXI. (1) The consumer has the right to use free resources on the site except for the restrictions described in these terms and conditions or other valid restrictions.
2. The user of the site may not copy, distribute or use texts, pictures, images or part of the Site without the express permission of the Seller.
3. Two or more promotions, valid for a period of time can not be combined and applied simultaneously.
4. The User has no right to overload the site with fake requests or other information.
5. The user of the site not entitled to perform acts that violate generally established rules of communication, to perform malicious actions, dissemination of viruses and others. infringing or impairing the rights or interests of third parties.
6. For hygienic reasons, the site will not accept the return and / or exchange lingerie and swimwear.