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A pioneer returns. JET SET is the performance-inspired luxury sportswear brand founded in St. Moritz in 1969, now under the creative direction of Michael Michalsky. Originally developed as elevated skiwear, JET SET today speaks to confident consumers who are fearless in their expression of style and who seek a modern, adaptable, technical wardrobe to suit the multiplicity of needs of contemporary life.


At its inception, JET SET created a blueprint for sportswear design that continues to inform and inspire an entire industry today. From its brave development of breakthrough fabrics to its audacious use of color and vivid patterns. The ‘JET SET STAR’ is a striking recurring graphic which dates back to the brand’s origins in St. Moritz where the first store showcased an architectural element shaped as a star.  JET SET pushed the limits of design with the simple goal of providing the best products for its consumers.

JET SET is not rooted in one place or one period in time. It is a state of mind—a quality of being open, liberated, unapologetic, conscious, adventurous, global, on-the-move, and masters of one’s domain. JET SET is for doers who dare. JET SET is forever.


The newly created JET SET logo is comprised of letters in a dynamic contemporary font set against an angular orange-and-black placard. This clean and distinct aesthetic refers to the label’s Swiss-German heritage, yet the bold, confident colorway suggests a 21st-century attitude. 


Genderless and ageless, JET SET’s fashion collections represent new era luxury which are delivered in strategic seasonal drops focusing on well-crafted skiwear, sportswear, and essentials. Mr. Michalsky pushes the limits of innovation with his forward-thinking and unexpected designs—futuristic in both style and execution. At the same time, these ranges are deeply informed by the archive, reinventing JET SET classics and transforming them in the aesthetic language of today.


JET SET is currently available in 120 stores in 20 countries including Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Italy and the US. Among others in Zurich, Gstaad, Aspen, Verbier and St. Moritz where the company’s headquarters reside. The parent is Gaydoul Group which is based in Switzerland. Under the creative direction of Michael Michalsky the collection will expand from Skiwear to Sportswear and will be available in key metropolises around the globe from 2019.